Direct air capture and greenhouse gas removal programme

13th May 2022

ABSL exhibited at the UK Greenhouse Gas Removal Event this week at the IET Savoy Place in London.

Led by ABSL, alongside Progressive Energy Ltd and University College London, our Greenhouse Gas Reduction project was selected for Phase 1 of the UK Government’s Direct Air Capture and Green Gas Removal grant programme.

The project aimed to optimise the production of biohydrogen with carbon capture and storage (CCS). The Climate Change Committee have identified CCS biohydrogen as the biomass pathway that offers the best greenhouse gas performance.

The project partners developed a detailed design and project delivery plan for a demonstration plant that will capture 1,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, explored the benefits of sorption enhanced water gas shift biohydrogen production, and carried out a detailed lifecycle assessment of carbon capture technologies.

If the application for Phase 2 of the project is successful, it will provide a world-leading example of the UK’s technical expertise and ability to deliver on its net zero ambitions.

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