ABSL and Hatch Announce Strategic Alliance on Plasma Gasification Solutions

04th March 2024

Swindon, UK: Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd. (ABSL) and Hatch announced today a strategic alliance to bring solutions to market for the conversion of waste to higher value products through plasma gasification, specifically RadGas technology.

RadGas is a specialised technology that converts waste and biomass materials into synthesis gas integrating a fluid bed gasifier, direct current (dc) plasma furnace, and heat recovery boiler. It offers a highly efficient, reliable process, producing a synthesis gas free of tars and particulates.

ABSL’s Swindon demonstration plant is a first-of-a-kind facility converting household waste into grid-quality biomethane using RadGas technology. Hatch began its relationship with ABSL advising on the operation of the dc plasma furnace in Swindon. The strategic alliance announced today will see Hatch develop a design and delivery plan for a commercial scale dc furnace specifically for RadGas, as well as offering the integration of RadGas with other product technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions to the market.

Robert Francki, Hatch’s global managing director, Energy, shared, “ABSL’s RadGas technology has tremendous potential as a GHG reducing solution for turning waste into low carbon products. We are proud to contribute our well-honed furnace technology and unique ability to engineer and deliver integrated, technologically advanced, and complex facilities.”

We see this strategic alliance as an exciting step to building a long-term partnership that will underpin delivering a robust technology today and long into the future,” said Nathan Burkey, ABSL’s Executive Chairman, “Hatch’s gasification expertise and technology implementation heritage bring world class delivery capability to our RadGas offering.

ABSL is a UK technology company that provides design and support services to engineering contractors and third-party developers of advanced biofuel facilities. They also own and operate the world’s first plant that converts household waste into bio-substitute natural gas (BioSNG) through gasification. The ABSL facility, located in Swindon, UK, converts 8,000 tonnes of waste into 22GWh of gas each year.

Hatch is an established technology development, global engineering, project execution, and professional services firm, providing services from project conception through implementation and operations support. Hatch will bring its industry leading plasma furnace technology and experience in designing end-to-end gasification solutions to complement ABSL and the RadGas technology line-up.

Hatch has global experience with electric smelting furnaces throughout its sixty-eight-year history. Many of the facilities implemented with Hatch furnace technology are unique, customised to the specific application. The RadGas requirements fit well within Hatch’s range of experience.


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