£239K Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage award

08th August 2022

ABSL has been awarded £239K in funding to enhance and improve biomass gasification in its RadGas technology.

ABSL and UCL will collaborate to develop solutions for improving syngas quality in fluidised bed oxy-steam gasification.

This award is part of the £5 million Hydrogen BECCS (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage) Innovation Programme run by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. It is funded through the Government’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) to support technologies which can produce hydrogen from biogenic feedstocks and be combined with carbon capture.

Biomass contains ash components that can bind the fluidised bed and impair the gasification process. This project will explore novel solutions to deal with these contaminants.

Energy Minister, Greg Hands, said:

‘Accelerating home-grown renewables like biomass is a key part of ending our dependency on expensive and volatile fossil fuels.

‘This £37 million of government investment will support innovation across the UK, boosting jobs whilst ensuring greater energy security for years to come.’


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