24 November 2020

Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd (ABSL), University College London (UCL) and Wood have been awarded a £250,000 grant from Innovate UK to design a production line that makes high purity biohydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles.

24 November 2020

ABSL has made fantastic progress with commissioning the plant. The fuel handling system, cooling circuits, air extraction system and tap hole drill have all been commissioned.

29 September 2020

ABSL took delivery today of two moving trailers to transport waste from material recycling facilities to the Swindon demonstration plant. The trailers, manufactured by Legras and leased from Riverside Truck Rental, can each carry enough waste to keep the plant running for 24 hours

28 August 2020

Great progress has been made on commissioning the plant. The power and fire suppression systems are commissioned, the bulk of pre-commissioning is finished, the base control system has been installed and cold commissioning is underway.

14 August 2020

The final piece of plant equipment – the plasma converter tap hole drill – was installed this week. Construction will be completed in the next few weeks once the remaining control wiring is tested. ABSL is now focused on commissioning the system and bringing it into operation.

16 March 2020

The lid of the plasma converter was reunited with the base over the weekend. In total, the metal lid and refractory lining weigh 22 tonnes. The installation team needed to position it to the millimetre to ensure that the bolts would line up. This called for precision synchronised versalift work.

25 February 2020

The refractory lining the plasma furnace is progressing well.  The copper coolers have been installed in the furnace base and the lining of the roof is nearly complete. A layer of refractory will be applied to the coolers and the refractory will be cured before the complete furnace is assembled.

25 February 2020

The ash cooling screw has been installed on site. This takes hot ash from the gasified waste and cools it to a safe temperature so that it can be stored ready for disposal.

14 February 2020

The roof of the plasma furnace has been sent to the North West for refractory lining. Its is expected that lining and curing will take around two weeks.  The roof will then be shipped back for the final assembly of the furnace.

27 January 2020

ABSL is making good progress on plant construction.  Around 40 people are working on site finalising the installation of pipework and cabling. The final pieces of equipment will be delivered to site in February and commissioning will start in April.

27 January 2020

ABSL is looking for experienced supervisors and senior operators to commission and run our advanced biofuel plant. If you have experience of waste or process operations and are happy with shift work please email you CV to