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ABSL is a UK technology company dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges of Net Zero.

By deploying its proprietary technology, RadGas, ABSL transforms household waste into low carbon biofuels that replace fossil fuels in parts of the economy that are hard to electrify.  While producing those much needed low carbon biofuels, RadGas captures the carbon in the waste as carbon dioxide, generating negative emissions needed to reach Net Zero.

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Waste as a Feedstock

Our flexible and environmentally friendly technology is designed to accept a wide range of solid, dry feedstocks like household waste. Unlike other waste technologies, RadGas emits no pollutants to air, making it considerably safer for the environment and local communities than existing approaches.

Low Carbon Biofuels

RadGas is a key technology for meeting the growing demand for low carbon biofuels in the heating and transportation sectors. We produce biomethane, biohydrogen or liquid fuels from sustainable domestic feedstocks, which enhances energy security but at costs that can match those of fossil fuels.

Carbon Capture

By capturing the carbon dioxide within our process we are able to produce biofuels that are carbon negative.  We capture carbon pre-combustion, which is the lowest cost / highest efficiency way to achieve the greenhouse gas removal essential for achieving Net Zero.

Most decarbonisation solutions such as wind or solar generate small residual emissions. Net Zero can only be delivered through negative emissions that offset those residual emissions.

RadGas delivers market leading efficiencies by combining low carbon biofuel production from waste with carbon capture.

ABSL’s RadGas plant in Swindon is the first in the world to achieve this breakthrough in a 24/7 operational setting.


Our Swindon Plant →