Welcome to ABSL

ABSL aims to lead the development of advanced biofuel projects around the world as a project owner and supplier of technology to other organisations. Our RadGas technology is proven at scale to be more reliable and efficient than competing pathways that transform waste into fuels.

Achieving net zero carbon emissions requires the replacement of fossil fuels used for heating and transport with sustainable low carbon alternatives. ABSL is at the forefront of the technical development of fuels that are made from wastes or biomass residues.

Advanced biofuels can be combined with carbon sequestration technology to generate negative carbon emissions. These are essential to offset emissions from sectors such as farming and aviation that are very challenging to mitigate. ABSL’s work in this area offers the opportunity to reverse man-made global warming.

Biohydrogen can be produced more efficiently than other biofuels using the RadGas process and biohydrogen production allows all the carbon dioxide in the feedstock to be captured. This means that RadGas can deliver hydrogen at a lower price than competing technologies with far greater greenhouse gas savings.